The CDC says the growing numbers of bed bug outbreaks is prompting more people to use pesticides, sometimes with dire results. Many companies promote themselves as using heat, but only a few own and have been trained how to use Thermal Remediation® equipment and processes (From Temp-Air’s website 2/23/12).

Eagle Pest Control & Tree Service is the only company in Alaska trained on using Thermal Remediation® equipment and processes.

Education is key. We offer free training seminars and will train your staff at no charge. A must for hotels!

Bed bugs won’t kill you, but the poisons used to kill them might. According to a new CDC report, exposure to insecticides used to control bed bugs led to one death and more than 100 illnesses between 2003 and 2010. The report states that the most common causes of illness were due to overuse of insecticides, failure to wash or change bedding that had been treated with insecticide, and failing to adequately warn others that insecticide had been used. Excessive use of insecticides can raise the potential for human toxicity. Chemical treatments can take 3 or more treatments and it can take up to 8 weeks to be cleared of bed bugs with chemicals. Thus, you and your family will be exposed over and over again for weeks to gallons of pesticides.

I know that there has been a lot of talk about new products coming to the market that can work as monitoring devices and replace K-9’s. The one thing that keeps running around in my head is, the Federal Government spent 6 years and 19 billion dollars to find out the best method for bomb detection. Their final outcome was a Canine.